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Julie Oberlin said...

Oh my gosh! I LOVE the new beads!!! Most of all I love the fact that my dearest friend is BAAACCCCKKKK!!!! Love you, Girlie!!

Kathy G. said...

I love this woman's work so much I had a display case made with Art By Atchison at the top to display them and just for my own pleasure to pick one, hold it, turn it over and over and see all the many facets on each one. They are little works of beauty each with its own personality. Each bead, necklace, bracelet or piece of silver work was chosen because it was different than all the others and still uniquely and identifiably pure Lisa. She's the only jewelry artist I've ever known whose pieces instantly bring some distinct feeling when I see it as much as any painting I've experienced at a museum. I look at something new she's made and automatically a name for the piece comes to mind as naturally as seeing a living thing. Sweet lady with enormous talent. Glad she's back to creating!

laura chatain said...


I am moving and have an entire lamp work set up I would like to sell. Minor bench burner, arrow springs annealing kiln, oxygen concentrator and lots of moretti glass. Know anyone who might be interested? I'm near the intersection of 49 and penn.

Laura Chatain