Friday, June 13, 2008

INSPIRATION - Pay It Forward

Here is a beautiful necklace made by Cynthia Newcomer Daniel of CND Jewelry Tales. I have always admired Cindy's jewelry designs and wire work skills, and her seed bead creations are completely stunning. Here, she has honored me by choosing one of my focal beads to surround with the magic she makes, one tiny bead at a time. I love the way the colors and design of the bead flow and branch out into the design of the necklace, incorporating it perfectly.

Necklace by Cynthia Newcomer Daniel

Cindy is also a very talented writer. She states: "Every piece of jewelry has its own story; my pieces tell me their stories while I am working on them." To see more of Cindy's work and read her short stories, visit CND Jewelry Tales.

A close up of the bead

I made this bead after taking a class with Andrea Guarino. It was inspired by her mothwing technique. The bead then inspired Cindy to create the necklace. The necklace inspired her to write her wonderful story. I wonder who Cindy's story will inspire, and what creation will be born from her words. That is the beautiful thing about forever lives on.

Thanks Cindy, for your lovely contributions to the art world.

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