Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Spring!

With coffee cup in hand, I took a walk through my yard this morning. I love early spring morning walks...the crisp cool air makes everything come to life. I have spent a lot of time the past few weeks working in the yard, planting flowers, pulling weeds, and searching for the perfect leaves to electroform.
I thought the leaves were mature enough a week ago, but still found them to be a bit too tender. Last night Steve and I took a drive to my favorite trees, and they are just now ready. I picked and pressed them, and will apply them this morning to the beads I've had made for a while. If you are waiting on a leaf bead, it will not be long now! (Jasmine and Jaimie, yours are first!)
Above are pictures of our humble little home. We have lived here twenty-two years. It is our first and only house, and although we have talked about it, I don't see us moving anytime soon.
See the wheel barrow? That is my herb garden!! LOL We have so much shade, and the sun light changes dramatically throughout the summer, it makes it hard to grow anything that requires a lot of light. So instead of doing a container herb garden, I took an old wheel barrow, put holes in the bottom, lined it with gravel and planted a variety of herbs. That way as the sun changes throughout the season, I can easily move it and follow the sunlight. I think once they start growing good, it will also look pretty cool.
I will be working in the studio the next three days, and hope to have some beads to share soon!
Have a blessed weekend, and thanks of looking!


Cindy said...

I had to put all of my bedding plants in the house tonight, it is 39 degrees here in the Midwest. SIGH......I have one bed planted, too big to cover. I hope they make it. Windy as ever the weather man says it should keep the frost off the flowers. We'll see tomorrow

Mermaid Glass said...

How beautiful your yard is! I love the idea of the herb garden in the wheelbarrow and I'm stealing it. Our problem here is too much sun! I'd have to push it into the shade garden in the afternoon.

Thanks for the inspiration!

Jasmine said...

Love the beads. Your herb garden made me smile. We have so much shade too!