Friday, September 16, 2011

Winter Whites


Here are a few Winter Whites fresh out of the kiln.


Beadwright said...

OOOOOMMMMGGGGGG these are beautiful!!!! I can see the glitz and sparkle they have. I am home now from my vacation. I will email you. I met a wonderful gal with lupus. She takes no meds from the docs and is doing OK. I was glad to see I am not alone on that.

JUNE said...

This has to be one of my most favorites of yours, if not THE...these are spectacular! I love winter white...I've been off the blogging for a while and I'm so glad I decided to check out your site and see what you have been up to...well done you!! thx, june

Lisa Atchison - Touch of Glass Designs said...

Thanks June and Nicole. I've been taking a break from the torch, but starting back this weekend. Winter Whites are on my list. Thanks again friends, I really appreciate the encouragment!