Saturday, April 10, 2010

Nebula Inspired Beads


(Above are pictures of two beads inspired by the middle nebula pictures)

My work is inspired by nature. As an artist, how can you not be inspired by all the life that surrounds you daily? Leaves, acorns, vegitation of all kinds, the ocean and all it's beautiful creatures of many colors surely inspires the artist in all of us.

Lately, space and all the galaxies have my interest. I have been reading and searching out informaiton and pictures of space. Wow, talk about beautiful colors!

Indianapolis is the home of Butler University. Butler offers one of the biggest observatories open to the public in the United States (not to mention the Butler Bull Dogs!!). That is where I will spend quite a few evenings this spring and summer. How exciting!!

I hope you are enjoying your weekend. As always, thanks for looking!


Jasmine said...

These are amazing Lisa. So beautiful.

Lisa Atchison - Touch of Glass Designs said...

Thanks Jasmine. My scarf has arrived, and I LOVE it. I will be posting pictures of it soon. I will have your bead ready soon :)