Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Trip to Lafayette, Indiana

I headed up to Lafayette, Indiana this past weekend for a class with Jim Smircich. It was a good class which mainly focused on shaping and heat control. The class was sponsored by ISLAGA, the glass group I belong to, and we all knew each other well. We rented the house next door instead of staying in a hotel. We definately had a great time Saturday night!! It was wonderful to see everyone!!
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FRONT Row: Jen Cameron (yellow shirt), Lori Smith, Jim Smircich, Barbara Collins
BACK Row: Heather McWhorter, Dawn Bushman, Julie Oberlin, Me, Tobi Gummer, Carol Blumenburg, DeeAnn Sipe

1) Barb at the torch 2) Tobi, Jim, Carol and Barb

1) Jim and Carol 2) Lori Smith

1) Carol Blumenburg 2) Heather McWhorter

At the restaurant Saturday night
1) Julie Oberlin, Dawn Bushman and Tobi 2) Sharon Owens and Barb Collins

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