Vicking Knit Bracelets

Vicking knit with a boro bead of blues and browns:

Brown and silver soft glass bead

Karen (my best friend of thirty years who also happens to be my sister-in-law) took a day off work to come over and spend the day. We had so much fun going to lunch and making bracelets. Above are the two bracelets we "whipped up". Thanks Karen, we need to do this more often!

Fresh From The Kiln - Winter Whites and More!!

I actually torched most of the day Sunday, and here are just a few of what came out of the kiln this morning.

We are under a winter storm watch, with a possible snow accumulation of eight inches. How FUN! I love the snow. And in celebration of the forecast, here are some new Winter White beads:

Very pretty irridecent shimmers in the softest, subtle colors of pink and yellow make this bead one of my favorites!

Thanks for looking!

Blue Focal

I only have one bead to post today, as yesterday I was feeling a bit under the weather. I hope to be very productive today! As always, thanks for looking!

Focals Fresh From The Kiln

Happy Monday! I just wanted to share the focals fresh out of the kiln this morning. They kind of remind me of something alien organic!

I'm making beads for the Indiana Art Fair at the Indiana State Museum the end of February. Thanks for looking!

A Few More Beads From The Weekend

Vibrant flowing colors with a lot of depth

The color blend landscape bead with an electroformed maple leaf is not new for me, but this is my first (and sad) attempt at a tree. The ones to come will be much better, and I plan to work on more this weekend.
I hope everyone is having a great week! Above are a few beads from the weekend torch session with my friend Dee.

What A Wonderful Weekend!

Here is a Winter White that spakles gold!
This Winter White sparkles a very subtle blue.

What a wonderful weekend it was! My friend, Dee Sipe, came down from Ft. Wayne to spend the weekend and melt glass! We actaully did more talking than torching, but we got a few good ones in the kiln today. It was wonderful to see Dee and do some catching up.
Above are a few from Saturday, and I will post the beads from today later this week.

Thanks for looking!

New Winter White Just Listed On Etsy


I just listed this Winter White bead on Etsy. I have a torch buddy coming from Ft. Wayne to stay the weekend, and will be torching the next three days.
Also, I am sold out of the copper viking knit end caps (solid copper). They really are nice because they are solid copper, where most others you find are plated, and the finish can wear off over time. With solid copper, you do not have that worry. Please send me an email and let me know if you are interested, and I will order more of the copper stock and get them drilled and polished.
Thanks for looking, and please check back Monday to see the weekend bead bounty!

Private Boro Class with Karin Wilcox

This past weekend I had the pleasure to host a private boro class with Karin Wilcox of IF Designs, a very talented boro artist who makes beautiful beads! My good friend Lori Smith (Lampwork by Lori) and myself were lucky enough to spend two days torching with Karin.
1) Some of the beads from Saturday 2) Karin and Lori hard at work 3) Me at the torch, and our studio helpers, Zoe and Brody (They LOVED Karin!)

Karin was all sharing with her boro experience and knowledge, helping us with flame chemistry and her favorite recipes. Certainly we have much practice ahead of us, but her willingness to help us will undoubtedly make the process easier! Thanks Karin!
Above are boro beads I made after the class on Sunday.
And, I absolutely had to sneak in a few soft glass beads. Here are a couple of focals from the weekend:
Thanks for looking!

Check Out Van Olive Lampwork on Etsy - by Mary Van Hoy

Happy New Year!!

Congratulations to Mary Van Hoy on opening her new Etsy shop,
Van Olive Lampwork!!

Mary makes the coolest primitive, aboriginal lampwork fish EVER! Check them out, and add one to your collection. Her fish are definately FEEL-GOOD-GLASS!

Thanks for looking!