Just Listed ~ Secret Garden Focal

Secret Garden Focal ~ Iris and Day Lilies (SOLD)

I was going to keep this one, but have instead decided to list it. I plan to work on more raised florals this weekend.

I hope everyone is having a great week!

Class Demo Beads ~ Day Two

Day Two Demo Beads - Nebula inspired bead done in blues and greens and Abyss Bead done in Emerald Green and Ink Blue with silver murrini and raised cane.
This weekend was spent resting and cleaning house. Hopefully I will find some torch time this coming week.
If you tried to go to my website, and ended up here on my blog, that is because I have decided to do away with the website. I find I like the blog much better, it is easier to update, and now with ability to have separate pages, there is no need to have both.
Have a great week, and thanks for stopping by!

Class Beads and Pictures

Above are Day One Demo Beads

Above are pictures from the class I taught at Fuego Loco Studio this past weekend. What a great group! We melted a lot of glass, making five beads total. Everyone did such a great job, and I hope to have pictures of the class beads to post after this Friday. Thanks to everyone who attended!
Have a great week, and thanks for stopping by!

Fresh Flower.....Beads!

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Here are a few new focals that are in line to be electroformed...I will post "after" pictures when they are done.

Today is Steve's birthday, and Brittney and I cooked dinner for him....now for the sponge cake with fresh strawberries!

Thanks for peeking, and I hope you have a great week!!

New Kiln Harvest

sold sold
Above are three beads from this morning's kiln harvest.
Bead 1: Nebula Inspired Bead ~ A lot of depth and swirls of color and sparkling dichro
Bead 2: Winter White ~ Elegant fumed ivory with shimmers of golds and pink
Bead34: Abyss ~ Greens and amethyst with sparkles from the core
Thanks for looking, and have a great week!