What A Kind Gift From a Special, Kind Person

I was fortunate enough to take the Kim Fields class last October. It was a wonderful class, and Kim is an exceptional artist and instructor! The class was filled with great information, a lot of friends, new aquaintances and a lot of fun!

The first part of November the mailman, whom I stalk on a regular basis, brought me a very special box...that contained a lot of very special surprises...from an especially kind person. In the class I also had the privledge of meeting Mary Beth, who said she was familiar with my electroformed beads. The box was from Mary Beth and was filled, and I do mean FILLED, with Mother Natures finest offerings for anybody who enjoys electroforming. (Above is just half of the contents, as every folded paper contains another sheet of harvest) She enclosed a note explaining that she had spent "some time" in the woods collecting leaves, plants, flowers, anything she thought might be interesting in copper. Everything was pressed and packaged with care.

Mary Beth, I don't know if you ever read my blog, but you have no idea how much that meant to me. It was during a period when I was pretty much under the weather, and not able to work for a few weeks. Now that I am back to electroforming, I broke out the "box of treasures" and think I will finally be putting them to use.
Words cannot express how much I appreciate your kind gesture!! Thank you again!

Todays Kiln Harvest


Here are a few beads fresh out of the kiln. I have really enjoyed making the lentils again. Back to the torch today...after a trip to the tool store!

Have a great weekend!

Back To Electroforming


Since I have an electroforming class coming up in May, I figured it was time to break out the equipment and get back at it! I also knocked the dust off the lentil press...it had been a long time!
About the above beads:
The tree bead is my favorite of the batch. Half of the tree is done in glass, the other half in copper. The other side has a maple leaf from my backyard that is electroformed into the design. This is the test bead, and I have a few more in the kiln today.
The second bead looks like a shark! That was totally unplanned, but the purple CZ was even in the right place for the eye. This bead has a lot of depth, and if size matters (2.25"), this bead measures up!
The third bead, as well as the second, offers copper mesh, cane, CZ's, metallic dots and a lot of depth.
My friend Dawn came over today for a day at the torch. We had a lot of FUN, and put a few beads in the kiln. Time spent with friends always makes for a great day!
As always, thanks for looking!

Lampworking and Electroforming Classes - Indianapolis, Indiana

Edited to say: Lampworking Class is FULL
MAY 22, 2010


Using Dichro (fused and sheet), Fuming, Setting CZs, Ribbon Cane, Murrini, Design and More! ($185.00)

Call Sallie at 317-440-0654 for registration information.


Equipment set upPainting beadsUsing organicsPatina with Liver of Sulfur ($100.00)

Add texture, dimension and interest to your lampwork beads with electroformed accents. This class will demystify the process, and also cover design. See the process from start to finish. (There is not enough time to process a bead as it takes several hours, but a half processed bead will be finished during class)

Supplies Needed: A kit is not necessary, but if you purchase one, we will do a mach set up of the equipment. Kits can be purchased from Glass Diversions.

Paint and brushes will be supplied. Please bring at least four beads (or more) made on 3/32 mandrel or bigger (flattened tabs work best for leaf beads).

Call Sallie at 317-440-0654 for registration information.

This Weekends Kiln Harvest


This lentil bead has been electroformed and is shown above.

I had a pretty good torch day yesterday....very productive, and a lot of FUN! I worked on a variety of different styles and used a lot of different colors.

I'm working on inventory for an upcoming show, so will not be listing. If you see something you are interested in, please send me an email. I'm happy to list reserved items for you!

Have a great week, and as always, thanks for looking!!

Yesterdays Blue Bounty

Here are a few from yesterday. Thanks for looking!

Natures Whispers Beautiful Felted Beads

This past week I received a wonderful gift in the mail. I was fortunate enough to be the winner of Natures Whispers' One World One Heart giveaway. In addition to the obvious beauty of these soft, wonderful beads handmade by artist Jasmine Hazlehurst, knowing their origin is also very special.

Jasmine explained, "I used a blend (oatmeal) of Blue Faced Leicester wool, White Merino wool, natural white tussah silk and a little Vicuna wool. Vicuna is an animal that is from the same family as Llama and Alpaca and looks like a dainty deer with a long neck. They live in the mountain regions of Peru and are not farmed as they are very good at escaping. Once a year, the villagers of the region form a line with colored ropes and steer the Vicuna into a Coral where they then shear the Vicuna and check their health before releasing them again. Vicuna fibers are thought to be the softest natural fiber on earth and has been called the fiber of the gods. It is said that the ancient Inca's wore garments made with Vicuna."

I feel very blessed to be the recipient of such a special gift. I have a full appreciation of the love and care that goes into creations such as these beads.....art from the heart!!

Jasmine's talent is not limited to these gorgeous felted beads, and also includes scarves, wall art, cards and more.

THANK YOU Jasmine, I truly appreciate your generosity, and will cherish these for many years to come!

Abyss Beads and More

Not much to report! I had a very productive bead weekend, and above are just a few fresh from the kiln!! Thanks for looking!