Secret Garden Focal

Where did the weekend go? Long weekends are never long enough, are they? It has been spent relaxing, grilling, watching the humming birds, catching up with old friends and a little torching. I hope you have enjoyed your holiday weekend.

Above is a Secret Garden focal bead from yesterday. It is done in a shimmery blue-gold dichro on dark fumed ivory, with blue flowers on green vines. It is accented with opal like raised dots and CZ's (of course!) I used an initial cane for the first time, and put it in upside down :) The initial cane was made by DeAnne, the murinni guru! Her murinni creations are amazing, and she does it on a hot head!

Thanks for looking!

Lampworking and Electroforming Class #1

Bead 1: Electroformed Raised Floral
Bead 2: This was the last bead that we made, and contained several techniques

Above are two of the demo beads from the lampworking and electrforming class I taught this weekend at Feugo Loco Studio here in Indianapolis. This was my first time to teach outside of my in home studio. I have done many one on one classes, but this was my first large class. Thanks to everyone who attended, to Jari for the invitation and Samma for assisting me! I hope you all enjoyed and learned a lot! You sure made wonderful beads!!
A second, two-day class has been scheduled for June 19th and 20th. I think there are three seats left. I would love for you to join us!
Below are some of the class pictures

DAY ONE - Lampworking

DAY TWO - Electroforming

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New Focal Beads

sold sold
I have had a blast (no punn intended) with combining the sandblasting and electroforming. I think these are pretty unique, and very much enjoy creating them! The stars are little windows into the core of the beads, which have been heavily encased so there is a lot of depth.
The second bead is accented with simple electroforming, but it is just what the bead needed to lighten it up a bit. I LOVE the murrini, which is from Double Helix, design #6. I was lucky enough to get in on the Double Helix murrini! They did a fabulous job making them.
I hope you are having a great weekend!

Sandblasted and Electroformed Nebula Focal Bead

Here is a bead that I just finished up, and I'm really happy how it turned out. There is a lot of work in this one! I heavily sand blasted the star pattern, leaving the stars raised and shiney. A few of the stars are slightly etched, but only enough to get them a soft matte appearance. It was then electroformed. The stars are tiny windows into the depth of the bead. This bead offers a lot of interest, in depth and texture. I plan to make more in this style.
Thanks for looking!

Leaf Beads ~ Fresh Out of the Cooker

sold sold

(Mothers Day flowers from my daughter - in some of the flower frogs that I collect)

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!! My daughter showed up this morning with breakfast, along with a dozen roses and a very sweet card. We are planning to visit my mother later, plant some flowers and then go to dinner this evening. Life is good, and I feel very blessed today.

Here are a few beads that I finished up this morning. I forgot just how much work goes into the leaf beads. I started the leaf process on Friday, and they are just now finished. I spend a lot of time painting, and cleaning up the edges. I then electroform very slowly, to ensure the finish is smooth to show the viening detail of the leaf. The copper is then finished with a patina finish and polished to a nice shine with a brass brush. The trees were done with a cane striped with amber, black, dark matter and silver plum. It is the best combination I have come up with yet.
The last bead is fresh out of the kiln this morning, and done in blended colors of ink blue and sage green.
The last picture are Mothers Day flowers from Brittney, arranged in some of the flower frogs that I collect. I also added the last of the back yard lilacs, and the house smells so good with a little bit of the outside in every room!

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend, and thanks for looking!

Happy Spring!

With coffee cup in hand, I took a walk through my yard this morning. I love early spring morning walks...the crisp cool air makes everything come to life. I have spent a lot of time the past few weeks working in the yard, planting flowers, pulling weeds, and searching for the perfect leaves to electroform.
I thought the leaves were mature enough a week ago, but still found them to be a bit too tender. Last night Steve and I took a drive to my favorite trees, and they are just now ready. I picked and pressed them, and will apply them this morning to the beads I've had made for a while. If you are waiting on a leaf bead, it will not be long now! (Jasmine and Jaimie, yours are first!)
Above are pictures of our humble little home. We have lived here twenty-two years. It is our first and only house, and although we have talked about it, I don't see us moving anytime soon.
See the wheel barrow? That is my herb garden!! LOL We have so much shade, and the sun light changes dramatically throughout the summer, it makes it hard to grow anything that requires a lot of light. So instead of doing a container herb garden, I took an old wheel barrow, put holes in the bottom, lined it with gravel and planted a variety of herbs. That way as the sun changes throughout the season, I can easily move it and follow the sunlight. I think once they start growing good, it will also look pretty cool.
I will be working in the studio the next three days, and hope to have some beads to share soon!
Have a blessed weekend, and thanks of looking!

My Nephew Ethan ~ Four Years Old

So, you know how I always say that my nephew Ethan makes my heart sing? Well, now you can see why....he is adorable, and he has the cutest personality. I love him BIG!
If you are close to Indianapolis, Indiana, and need a photographer, I highly recommend April Harnish. She has a great eye for composition, and she is very nice to work with!!
Just thought I would share a smile :)
As always, thanks for looking, and have a great week!