Electroformed Focal Bead

This is the focal that I posted a few days ago, but has since been electroformed. I just love the interest and texture that subtle copper accents can add to a bead. This will be listed on Monday evening, along with beads from the weekend.
Thanks for looking!

This Year's Postcard for The Gathering

Since I did not get to torch last weekend, and I have no pictures to post, I thought I would share a picture of the postcard my friend Lori helped me put together for the Gathering.

Thanks Lori-O, I certainly appreciate you helping me with Photoshop!

The One, The Only.....


Above is the one and only...meesly bead from the weekend! The work week was grueling, the weekend hectic, and there was absolutely no time to torch! I did sneak one in on Saturday, and if size matters, well, this is a bead for you! Measuring over two inches long and over one inch at the the widest point, this is on the large side for me.
Next weekend will be productive. My buddy Samma is coming over for a boro day on Friday. (She makes the most awesome shells!) We always have so much fun, and torch well together. I'm really looking forward to it!!
As always, thanks for looking!

Electroformed Focal Beads - Fresh Out of the Cooker!

Top Bead: (Four views of the same bead)Electroformed focal bead done in deep rich colors of blue, teal, amethyst and green. Deep magenta dichro sparkles and peeks from beneath the folds of glass. It is accented with CZ's, lacy silvered ivory, small trailing dots, and raised larger metallic dots that are swirled at each end. It is then finished with textured copper electroformed accents.
Bottom Bead: Done in russet browns, turquoise and silvered ivory, this bead has a southwest feel to it. Accented with CZ's and trailing dots and framed with textured copper electroforming.

Thanks so much for looking!!

Weekend Torch Time

What a busy weekend!
My sisters, Carmen and Karen, came over to play jewelry on Saturday. We made bracelets...and a lot of girl talk until about 1:00 in the morning! Sunday was my torch day. Above are a few of the beads out of the kiln this morning. My favorite bead from Sunday has been painted and is now drying to be electroformed tomorrow.
These will be listed later this week.

Thanks for looking :)

Fresh From The Kiln....

(Special Order for Keiara)
Just a few new beads from this kiln this morning. I will photograph the rest and try to post them tomorrow.

Have a great rest-of-the-weekend!

Thanks for peeking!

New Winter White Focal

Above is a new Winter White focal fresh out of the kiln this morning. The photo does not show the shimmers of very subtle magenta.

Thanks for looking...off to light the torch!

What Else? Another Focal!

Here is one done in very muted beige and brown, with a little splash of seafoam green/blue here and there.

Black and White Focal

Above is one of the few beads made yesterday...a simple black and white. More in the kiln...more pictures to come....

Happy Independence Day, and thanks for looking!!