ISGB 3X2 Exhibit - Metal Meets Glass

Three x Two is a collaborative jewelry show that will be on display at Facere, a Seattle jewelry store and gallery that features hand made pieces by several talented metalsmiths, from July 24th through the 28th, 2012.

The International Society of Glass Beadmakers (ISGB) juried over 100 applicants and chose 40 artists to collaborate with the Seattle Metals Guild (SMG). Each glass artist made three similarly styled beads that were then sent to a SMG member to make three brooches, pendants or rings. The bead maker and metalsmith will get a finished piece, and the last will be displayed and sold at Facere.

I was very honored and excited to have been paired with jewelry artist Adrienne Krieger. Her work is beautiful, and her talent extreme.  You can visit her website at . 

As stated above, in this collaboration, I supplied three similar beads for Adrienne to use in making three for the exhibit, and one for each of us.

Above are pictures of two of the finished necklaces.  I absolutely love what she has made.  I think the silver and glass are beautifully paired, one complimenting the other.  Thank you so much, will be forever treasured!

Just A Quick Post

Here is a quick post of a focal done in amethyst amber and lacy ivory.

Electroformed Leaf Beads

Here are a few beads from the weekend. With our temperatures reaching triple digits, I spent the last few days electroforming, and very little time at the torch.  The electroformed leaf beads are some of my favorite to make.  I love hunting for the perfect leaves...I swiped these from the grocery store parking lot ;)
It is starting to look like Fall here. It has been so hot and dry, some of the leaves are turning brown and falling from the trees. I've never before seen Autumn in July. 
I'm doing my rain dance daily!!

105 Degrees ~ HOT Days at the Torch

This one is for Fran...Aqua...Her favorite color