Special Gifts for Special People

Here are a few gifts that I made for my physical therapists, who cheered me on every "step" of the way!

Electroforming Class

Electroformed Focal Bead
My Demo Bead from Electroforming Class
Student Diane Burnette's Bead
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  It was great on this end! 

We celebrated my Mother's birthday, and it was so nice to spend time with my family.  Saturday evening was spent with my two favorite kiddos, Ethan and Jersey.  The weekend was wrapped up by spending  today with my sister, playing with wire work.  I cherish time spent with family and friends!

Above are beads from an Electroforming class that I taught this past Friday.  The first two are demo beads, and the last leaf focal is one that Diane painted.

The first bead is done in a mixture of DH silver glass...I believe I used Kalypso and Triton layered together.  The colors are much richer in person.  The second and third beads are made with dicro, copper leaf punch outs, flat lapped on each side, electrofromed with leaf cut outs, and finally finished with a nice patina. 

Electroforming is MY FAVORITE secondary, cold process to do on glass...and lapidary is a close second!  The design possibilities are endless.

Have a great week, and as awlays, thanks for peeking!

The Latest Focals

Thanks for looking!

ISGB 3X2 Exhibit - Metal Meets Glass

Three x Two is a collaborative jewelry show that will be on display at Facere, a Seattle jewelry store and gallery that features hand made pieces by several talented metalsmiths, from July 24th through the 28th, 2012.

The International Society of Glass Beadmakers (ISGB) juried over 100 applicants and chose 40 artists to collaborate with the Seattle Metals Guild (SMG). Each glass artist made three similarly styled beads that were then sent to a SMG member to make three brooches, pendants or rings. The bead maker and metalsmith will get a finished piece, and the last will be displayed and sold at Facere.

I was very honored and excited to have been paired with jewelry artist Adrienne Krieger. Her work is beautiful, and her talent extreme.  You can visit her website at adriennekrieger.com . 

As stated above, in this collaboration, I supplied three similar beads for Adrienne to use in making three pieces...one for the exhibit, and one for each of us.

Above are pictures of two of the finished necklaces.  I absolutely love what she has made.  I think the silver and glass are beautifully paired, one complimenting the other.  Thank you so much, Adrienne...it will be forever treasured!

Just A Quick Post

Here is a quick post of a focal done in amethyst amber and lacy ivory.

Electroformed Leaf Beads

Here are a few beads from the weekend. With our temperatures reaching triple digits, I spent the last few days electroforming, and very little time at the torch.  The electroformed leaf beads are some of my favorite to make.  I love hunting for the perfect leaves...I swiped these from the grocery store parking lot ;)
It is starting to look like Fall here. It has been so hot and dry, some of the leaves are turning brown and falling from the trees. I've never before seen Autumn in July. 
I'm doing my rain dance daily!!

105 Degrees ~ HOT Days at the Torch

This one is for Fran...Aqua...Her favorite color

Soft Pink Emmergence Focal

Just a quick post of one listed in the store

Here is one more that I just finished.

Electroformed Focal

I finally found some torch time last Saturday at open torch, and painted a few beads this weekend.  Above is one of the beads fresh out of the electroforming bath. The patina on the copper turn out nicely, with colors of magenta and teal that match the bead perfectly.  I love it when that happens!

As always, thanks for peeking!!

Here are a few beads from the weekend.  I will try to list beads in the Etsy store soon. Thanks for the emails and your interest.  Have a wonderful week, and thanks for looking!

Here are a few beads from the weekend.  

I had the opportunity to torch with my bead buddy Maggie this weekend, and we had the best time!  I made large hole beads, to match the first focal, to go on my Pandora bracelet pictured above.

Today is my "Friday", as I've taken a few days vacation.  Michael Barley will be teaching at the studio this week!  I am looking forward to seeing Michael again, visiting with old friends and making new friends! 

I hope you are having a wonderful week!

Beads From The Weekend

Here are a few beads from the weekend.  The electroformed bead was a reject I had sat aside...it was just too green!  I did a lampwork class a few weeks ago and painted it as a sample bead, and I'm really happy with how it turned out.

I have listed a few beads tonight in the Etsy shop.

Thanks for peeking!

Electroformed Focals

Here are a few beads from the Lampwork / Electroforming class that I did this past week.  It was an extremely FUN class!!  Thanks Anne and Jo...I miss you ladies already!!

A Few New Focals


A Few From The Weekend

Bead 1 - SOLD

Here are a few from the weekend.  I've had so much fun playing with the wing and petal designs. Thanks for peeking :)

Very Soft and Shimmery!

Emmergence Focal done in very soft, glowing pastels ~ SOLD

Flattened Focal in shimmery pinks ~ SOLD

Torch time was very limited this past weekend, and here are the only two that I managed to make on Sunday.  I sure miss my torch!  Hopefully this weekend will afford me more play time!  I hope you have a wonderful week, and I sure appreciate you stopping by!

Today's Kiln Harvest




Here are a few beads from yesterday's torch session.  I used the same three colors on all three beads, with such different results.  Striking time and flame chemistry variables make for a wide range of colors and results!

Thanks for peeking!

Today's Kiln Harvest





 I had the chance to torch all day Sunday, and here are some of the results.  I need to start concentrating on inventory for Bead and Button...it will be here before you know it!

Have a great week, and thanks for peeking!

Soft, Subtle "Emergence" Focal


Above is a very soft, subtle focal done in ivory and pink...it really glows.  Many have commented that this style looks like butterfly wings emerging from a cacoon or chrysallis.

I've also been working on small silver glass bead sets to match focals to take to Bead and Button this year.  

I hope everyone is having a great weekend! Thanks for looking!!