2008 Indiana State Fair - FUN, FUN, FUN!!

Going to the fair is one of my fondest childhood memories. We always went to the County Fair, but as an adult, the state fair is for me!! I love everything about our state fair: the tractor-pulled train rides, the farm animals, all the arts and crafts, THE FOOD!!!, the marching bands, people watching and just the excitement of all the festivities!!! To me, these are some of the finer things in life!!! Steve and I went to the fair this past Tuesday with Carmen, Jason and Ethan!!! We had a blast, and Ethan went on his first rides with me. We rode the cars (and screamed "Crazy Drivers" the entire time!) and the caterpillar rollercoaster! He even rode the Bumblebees with Uncle Steve. We ate way too much fair food ~ if there is such a thing!

Lampworking is sponsored by ISLAGA as a category in the fine arts section at our state fair. Congratulations and thanks to everyone who entered!!

Here are the posted results:

1st - Lisa Atchison
2nd - Lisa Atchison
3rd - Camille Richard
HM - Lori Smith
HM - Chicqiela Elbert-Velazco
HM - Lisa Atchison

HOME AND FAMILY ARTS - PROFESSIONAL FINE ARTS Handmade Lampwork Beads - Set or Series

1st - Chicqiela Elbert-Velazco
2nd - Camille Richard
3rd - Chicqiela Elbert-Velazco
HM - Camille Richard

HOME AND FAMILY ARTS - PROFESSIONAL FINE ARTS - Sweepstakes - Professional Handmade Lampwork Beads
1st - Lisa Atchison