Happy Mother's Day!

To anyone who has a child, who has nurtured, loved, encouraged, given hope or confidence to, has educated or nursed a child...Happy Mother's Day to you! I believe that most all women are mothers of this world, whether it is to our own children, our nieces and nephews, neighbors, children in our classrooms, etc...there is nothing like the love we feel for our children. I extend my warmest wishes, respect and gratitude to all of you!

I am so thankful for my daughter. The day she was born, I was filled with a love a never knew existed. I am so very proud of her.
Also, a thank you to my little sister Carmen, for being such a great mother to our little Ethan, and for sharing him with us. I love how he is such a big part of my life...and heart.

Above are pictures of Ethan last week in Florida. He had a great time playing in the sand...and even enjoyed the ocean (a little bit) this year.