Sunday Kiln Harvest


Today is Superbowl Sunday!! GOOOOO COLTS!!! We are going to a Superbowl party to watch the game, and I bet it will get LOUD! LOL If you watch the game, please root for our boys :)

Here are a few beads from yesterday. I started out on a make bead sets. Wow, it is hard to scale it down!! It's going to take some practice. I made a few barrels, a few bumpy rounds...but the focals just seem to be what I enjoy making the most. I love adding more, decorating, designing...there is not much of a canvas on the small beads. I'm torching again this afternoon for a few hours, and will try it again.

I had a few requests for orange and/or red beads, two colors that I don't play with much. I gave it a try yesterday, making matching murrini (which I heavily encased) and micro cane, and I kind of like it.
I really like the heavily encased murrini, and will play with that a bit more today.

We are expecting another round of snow on Tuesday, with an accumulation of about six inches. I love this white stuff, but i'm soooo ready for spring!!!

Have a great week, and thanks for looking!!