Back To Electroforming


Since I have an electroforming class coming up in May, I figured it was time to break out the equipment and get back at it! I also knocked the dust off the lentil had been a long time!
About the above beads:
The tree bead is my favorite of the batch. Half of the tree is done in glass, the other half in copper. The other side has a maple leaf from my backyard that is electroformed into the design. This is the test bead, and I have a few more in the kiln today.
The second bead looks like a shark! That was totally unplanned, but the purple CZ was even in the right place for the eye. This bead has a lot of depth, and if size matters (2.25"), this bead measures up!
The third bead, as well as the second, offers copper mesh, cane, CZ's, metallic dots and a lot of depth.
My friend Dawn came over today for a day at the torch. We had a lot of FUN, and put a few beads in the kiln. Time spent with friends always makes for a great day!
As always, thanks for looking!