Leaf Beads ~ Fresh Out of the Cooker

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(Mothers Day flowers from my daughter - in some of the flower frogs that I collect)

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!! My daughter showed up this morning with breakfast, along with a dozen roses and a very sweet card. We are planning to visit my mother later, plant some flowers and then go to dinner this evening. Life is good, and I feel very blessed today.

Here are a few beads that I finished up this morning. I forgot just how much work goes into the leaf beads. I started the leaf process on Friday, and they are just now finished. I spend a lot of time painting, and cleaning up the edges. I then electroform very slowly, to ensure the finish is smooth to show the viening detail of the leaf. The copper is then finished with a patina finish and polished to a nice shine with a brass brush. The trees were done with a cane striped with amber, black, dark matter and silver plum. It is the best combination I have come up with yet.
The last bead is fresh out of the kiln this morning, and done in blended colors of ink blue and sage green.
The last picture are Mothers Day flowers from Brittney, arranged in some of the flower frogs that I collect. I also added the last of the back yard lilacs, and the house smells so good with a little bit of the outside in every room!

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend, and thanks for looking!