What a Way FUN Class!!

Paula, Carol, Julie (holding Zing-Zang the studio mascot and entertainment), Gabby, Beth,
Lisa (with the moth on my shoulder) and Sharon

You can always count on a beautiful smile from Gabby!

Julie and Paula hard at work!

Paula and Sharon

Carol and Beth

Beth, the birthday-girl! It was so sweet of Sharon to bring her a cake!

There is always inspiration around every corner. Here is a Pandora Sphinx moth that Samma discovered on the front of the building. His olive green colors are going to make a great bead! He rode around on my shoulder for about thirty minutes, and then I put him back outside to fly away. He is on my shoulder in the class picture above!

Above are a few pictures from the class I taught last weekend at Inspired Fire in Lafayette, Indiana. It was such a great group, and I enjoyed seeing old friends and making new ones! Inspired Fire is a wonderful studio, and Sharon Owens (Owner), was so welcoming and the best hostess! Thanks to Sharon for the invitation, and a perfect class experience!
Thanks for looking, and have a great week!