A GREAT Day at the Museum as Artist In Residence

It was a wonderful day at the Indiana State Museum! ISLAGA members and friends held their monthly meeting there, and visited the Artist in Residence area afterwards. It's always so good to see my bead friends, and make new acquaintances. I met Samma, a lampworker that I had met online sometime ago. It's always great to be able to put a face with an online friend. Thanks to everyone for their friendship and support. Special thanks to Julie Miller (Indy Jules - great vessels), who helped me "man" the station and answer questions from the many visitors today.
It's very, very exciting to see the interest in lampworking. It's wonderful that lampworking is perceived as an art, more and more, through public education. I am much honored to be a part of that.
The Artist In Residence area is set up with a big screen monitor, which I have a PowerPoint presentation looped, and a nice glass case. The glass case is set up with finished work on the top shelf, and equipment used (flamework and electroforming) on the bottom.
Just a note: My goal is to concentrate on getting items posted on my website store by December 1st. I truly appreciate the interest and inquiries.
Here are a few pictures of today’s event. As always, thanks for looking!