Meet Betty Anderson of Flashtrack Gems

I met Betty Anderson of Flashtrack Gems over a year ago when she first purchased a few of my beads on Ebay. I had just started to do focal beads and electroforming. Betty purchased some of my first works, and has been a source of encouragement ever since. I'm always honored when somebody chooses to use one of my beads, and I appreciate her very much.
On of my earlier (and favorite) electroformed focal beads that Betty used in the set below
Necklace and Earring Set by Betty Anderson

Betty is a lover of lampwork, and has supported many bead makers by using our beads in her beautiful creations. Betty has over 300 stunning bead creations listed in her Etsy shop, Flashtrack Gems. Check them out, as she has a very special, unique way of combining natural stones with lampwork beads.

From Betty's profile: "My specialty is faceted colored gem stones. I learned meet-point crystal faceting in the 1970's. It's a perfect fit for blending my creative side with my linear side. Glass and crystals have always been an attraction for me. I started stringing beads 5 years ago, just for simple relaxation. I got hooked when I started using Lampwork glass beads for composition inspiration. When I see a beautiful piece of art in the form of a glass artisan-created gem I'm compelled to find stone beads, mostly natural, that compliment the glass artist's creation. I also have jewelry listed that use only natural stone components. I'll be listing frequently so if you don't see something you like today, it may be there for you tomorrow....... ....Thanks so much for taking the time to read this. "Live long and prosper", Betty
As always, thanks for looking! ~ Lisa