Class and Visit with Cynthia Tilker

ISLAGA, the wonderful glass group that I belong to, hosted two classes with Cynthia Tilker this past week. Cynthia is a beautiful person who makes beautiful beads, and it was so wonderful to finally meet her in person!
Fran, Chic, Cynthia and myself headed south to ABR Imagery the Wednesday before the start of classes, and did a little shopping. Thanks to ABR for letting us visit...and buy (they are such enablers!) After about two hours of shopping, we picked up lunch and had a picnic at Oliver Winery. After lunch we did some wine tasting. It was a wonderful afternoon, and the weather was perfect!

Oliver Winery front view

Fran, Chic, Cynthia, Me

Fran and Cynthia

Chic, Fran, Cynthia

I took the Saturday/Sunday class. WOW, Cynthia does amazing work, and is a fantastic instructor....not to mention a lot of FUN! She holds nothing back when she teaches, as she is all sharing with her information. This was absolutely one of my all time favorite classes. If you get a chance to study with her, don't pass it up!

Cynthia at the torch

Cynthia, Jen, Dawn

Class photo:
Dawn, Cynthia, Sallie, Me, Barb, Jen Cameron, Carol, Bette, Sue, Cherine

Cynthia had some time before her flight on Monday, and she and Dawn decided to spend the night here at the ranch. We had an enjoyable Sunday evening, and spent some time Monday morning torching a bit :)

Cynthia and Dawn

I'm on vacation this week (well, actually a stay-cation) and will be torching for a show this coming weekend at the Eitlejorg Museum. I hope you have a wonderful week, and as always, thanks for looking!