What A Beautiful Morning!

Here is a Lotus Pod from yesterday. I'm a bit disappointed in the silver glass around the silver mesh, as it "grayed out" a bit. It is still earthy and pretty, just not quite what I was going for!

This bead is in line to be electroformed. I think it will look nice with a copper-topper caps :)

Good morning! Spring has finally arrived here in Indiana, and I woke to the birds singing outside my open window! I love all the seasons, one of the advantages of living here in the Ohio Valley. However, the older I get, it seems the longer Winter becomes! I am more than ready to see the SUN!!!
It is going to be a great day! My good friend Samma is coming over to play for the day. We are going to torch, and work on some new sand blasting designs.

The Butler Bull Dogs play today. I hope the win!! Win or lose, THEY ARE WINNERS! Our city is certainly proud of them :) They are one of the smallest schools to go to the Final Four. GO BULL DOGS!!

Above are a few beads from yesterday. Thanks for looking, and have a great weekend!